Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we are often asked. If you have any more please feel free to ring or email us.

What paperwork do I need to complete?

We have the paperwork all sorted out for you when you arrive. We only require your pets Vaccination Certificate upon arrival. Below are the Terms and Conditions as listed on the Boarding Contract you will sign upon arrival.

How can I pay?

We accept cash and EFTPOS, please note Savings and Cheque options have no charge but due to bank fees Credit option has a 1.6% surcharge.

What time do I need to collect my pet?

As we charge per calendar day, you can collect your pet any time from 8am until 4pm.

What time can I bring my pet in?

As we charge per calendar day, you can bring your pet in whenever you like in our opening hours between 8am to 4pm. However, we prefer you bring your pet in as early as you are able during the day so they can become familiar with their environment before night time.

Do I need to apply tick or flea products to my pet?

We are in a high tick area. We urge you to make sure your dog has tick treatment before their stay. We have a range of tick prevention available for purchase in our reception area to be administered if required.

All pets should be up to date with worming and fleas. If any pets are found to have worms or fleas, we will treat them as needed and the cost of treatment will be added to your bill.

Can I bring my pets own bedding, toys or blankets?

Sure, it is always nice to have something comforting from home! You are welcome to bring anything from home. It is best to label items as clearly as possible.

If you don't bring anything, don't worry, we have an ample supply of blankets, toys and an appropriately sized bed in every room.

My pet has medication, is that ok?

Please contact the helpful team at Avonlee 02 66287277 to discuss.

My pet has a special diet, is that ok?

Absolutely, we have many pets with different needs. Please pack and mark clearly with the pets name and instructions.

How much exercise will my pet get?

Cats are brought out in the centre area for a roam, explore and, if they are social, will get time out with other cats. If your cat is not social, that is not a problem, they still get time out in the centre. We make sure all of the cats get an ample amount of time out of their rooms.

Social Dogs come out for play time with dogs of similar size and temperament, then they go for a walk. We walk the dogs in pairs so they all get individual attention and time to roll and sniff on the grass. If your dog is not social, don't worry, they will get lots of extra cuddles and attention from our wonderful staff. Long stays get walked twice a day and have longer play times.

There is no extra charge for play time and walks.

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